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Wedding photography with a nice loose feel, or wedding photojournalism?

Honestly it's what ever you choose to call it. As such I'm not concerned about how one describes what I do, nor how I see weddings. Either way "you" see it, my task as a photographer, is to record your wedding day in depth, in a honest manner with beautiful and memorable images. As a photographer, my quest is telling the story of your day as it unfolds in front of me without calling attention to myself.

As your wedding day is "your day". I would love to see that day live a life of its own. From the bottom of my heart I love telling each day's unique story. I thank all of those who have welcomed me into their days to do so.

Below are overviews of various weddings. Click on the images on the left to view a slide show from that day. Enjoy!

20 from one wedding photojournalist ny

"With my hands, I give you my heart crowned with love."

A wonderful, intimate country wedding in Goshen, NY with family and friends in attendance.

 chapter 1 of three wedding photojournalist nj

"Three chapters, the story of a wedding."

A large warm Italian wedding with the marriage service held at The Church of Saint Ann, Hoboken, NJ and the reception held at one of New Jersey's premiere reception venues, The Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, NJ.

Any time you gather family and friends from around the world to celebrate the union of two people and the joining of families, it certainly will not be a day that disappoints!

I asked my good friend and wedding photojournalist, George Weir to photograph this wedding with me, so as to expand upon the depth of the photography coverage.

chapter 2 of three wedding photojournalist_nj
chapter 3 of three wedding photojournalist nj
Wedding album sample

"Cheryl and Bill."

Cheryl and Bill were married at The Manor located in West Orange, NJ. A sample album is presented here from their wedding photography coverage.

"Patty and Ryan"

Patty and Ryan were married in West Philadelphia in a historic church near the University of Pennsylvania. With a fair amount of time between their ceremony and reception at Nunzio's in Collingswood, NJ; we able spend some time at the Art Museum as well as the old historic neighborhood just south of Liberty Hall. This is a web gallery of their album.